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Experienced educators with a proven track record of successfully improving the academic outcomes of students from diverse backgrounds.

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Equal Access to Resources

We firmly believe that educators must embrace the philosophy of lifelong learning to enhance students' academic outcomes. Our team comprises highly experienced education professionals dedicated to supporting the adoption and implementation of best practices derived from the latest research. We are committed to assisting learning communities in operationalizing these practices to achieve maximum impact and ensure long-term sustainability. 

Teachers, site administrators, and district leaders often face the challenge of managing day-to-day operations, leaving them with limited time, expertise, and experience to effectively implement the most current and effective educational research findings. This gap often leads to implementations falling short of their expected outcomes due to the complexities involved in putting best practices into action. This is where our expertise becomes invaluable. We step in to bridge this gap, providing the necessary support and guidance to ensure successful adoption and integration of innovative practices, ultimately fostering improved educational environments and student success.

What we do.

Collaborative Coaching & Training

Our team remains at the forefront of advancements in research and development across various domains, including literacy, leadership, teacher best practices, instructional methodologies, technology, and operational strategies. We leverage an extensive range of expertise, drawing from cognitive psychology, literacy development, child development, andragogy, among other fields within education and science. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to craft content that is not only pertinent and relevant but also timely for educators, administrators, and district leaders.

We offer professional learning opportunities that encompass Universal Design for Learning, Literacy Development, Engagement, Classroom Management, and Parent Training, among other critical topics. Our aim is to meet the evolving needs of our strategic partners. Our holistic approach to educational improvement supports school systems in a comprehensive manner, ensuring that all aspects of teaching and learning are addressed. By integrating the latest research with practical application, we help foster environments where educators can thrive and students can achieve their fullest potential.

How we do it.

Embedded within the School-Day

Our team employs strategies that align with the best practices in adult education, ensuring an effective and enriching learning experience. These strategies encompass job-embedded learning, cohort-based approaches, and the implementation of practical, actionable techniques. Additionally, we emphasize extended learning opportunities and active participation through interactive and engaging learning platforms. By modeling exemplary instructional practices within our professional learning delivery model, we provide participants with firsthand experience and a clear understanding of what constitutes high-quality instruction.

Furthermore, our team incorporates principles of effective coaching, improvement science, and the latest research on How People Learn. We are committed to creating learning environments that are not only physically and emotionally safe but also academically supportive and aesthetically pleasing. These thoughtfully designed environments foster a sense of well-being and engagement, enabling participants to focus on their professional growth. By integrating these elements, we ensure that our participants are well-equipped to apply their new knowledge and skills in their respective educational contexts.Our cohorts are led by experienced school and or district leaders with a successful track record of fostering collaboration and successfully leading teams of teachers, principals and district leaders toward attaining greater success. Our teams consist of current and former teachers, curriculum specialists, site and district leaders that collaborate to develop the most effective content that is delivered by experienced site and district leaders using the most effective and current technology for the adult learners. 

Meet Our Team

Experience Matters

Dr. Fred Navarro, retired Superintendent of Newport Mesa Unified School District, devoted nearly four decades to public education, prioritizing leadership talent recruitment. Dr. Robert F. Cunard, with expertise spanning teaching to executive coaching, drove substantial school performance improvements. Dr. Tim Ritter, former Temecula Valley Unified School District Superintendent, influenced curriculum nationally. Dr. Anna Corral, leveraging a music education background, championed parental involvement and student learning for over 25 years. Patrick & Jose Luis are at the helm of Axiom Dashboard's operations. Learn more about each of our team members by reading their comprehensive bios here.

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