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"The AXIOM Dashboard employs a unified security model, where the security that you establish is in effect across all clients."


The AXIOM DASHBOARD is built on the AWS platform which ensures real-time backups to protect your DATA. Full implementation and validation of ISO 27001 standard.  AWS also aligns with the ISO 27017 guidance on information security in the cloud and ISO 27018 code of practice on protection of personal data in the cloud.


Upon opening an encrypted file, AXIOM employs a two-way AES-256 encryption that uses a composite key based on information from the machine to encrypt the password and secure it on the server. Connecting to the AXIOM Dashboard requires Transport Layer Security TLS 1.3 encryption of data between AWS Cloud and all clients. The server monitors access to the AXIOM Dashboard to disconnect idle users, and create backups of your data in real-time.


The platform encrypts credentials stored within solutions so the credentials are protected. AXIOM Dashboard  generates digitally signed data and RSA keys to verify signed data. AXIOM Dashboard employs  Secure Storage of container data (with Database Encryption enabled) AES-256 CBC mode.


The AXIOM dashboard follows FERPA Compliance guidelines set by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It employs a unified security model, that adheres to NIST SP 800-122 controls and NIST SP 800-53. This ensures that students' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remains secure, and access to data is provided on a need to know basis via TLS 1.3 secured connections.


Our platform offers the ability to match levels of access to match your student information system.

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