Privacy Policy & End User License Agreement

Welcome! AXIOM Dashboard  — Elevation Education Solutions, LLC.  “Elevation-Ed”, "EES", “we”, “us”, “our”) is an educational technology company that provides K-12 schools and school districts with software facilitating workflow integration and communication integration through the use of online educational data along with technology management. The privacy of each and every user matters to us, and we strive for transparency in all of our data privacy practices, especially when it comes to identifying the information that we collect, use, share, and disclose, as well as how we help keep your information safe. We take our responsibility to protect your information very seriously. Please remember that we are always here to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

This Product Privacy Policy (“Product Privacy Policy”) explains how we collect, use, share, disclose, and protect information collected from and about Schools using our AXIOM Dashboards and such School’s Authorized School Personnel. Our AXIOM offerings include the following:

  • AXIOM Dashboard® Administrator
  • AXIOM Dashboard® Teacher
  • AXIOM Dashboard® Counselor
  • AXIOM Dashboard® District

By using our Offerings, you, the school or school district (“School,” “you,” “your”), are declaring that you have read and understand this Product Privacy Policy. If you are acting on behalf of a School, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the authority, the right, and the capacity to legally bind the school and have read and understand this Product Privacy Policy. AXIOM Dashboard’s Combined Terms of Service and End User License Agreement ("EULA") apply to how we treat your information.

Information Provided Directly to Us through our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings

The information that we collect depends on the AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and features within those AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings that a School uses. We collect some information directly from a School (e.g., information collected when signing up to use our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings) or directly from the School’s students (e.g., browsing information). We also collect some information automatically (e.g., AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings usage information).

School and School Official Information

AXIOM Dashboard® collects the following information that we collectively label as “School Information”:

  • School Profile Information: When an official of a School ("School Official") initiates contact through our Website for AXIOM Dashboard’s Offerings on behalf of his/her School, we collect that School Official’s contact information as well as information about his/her School relevant to purchasing and setting up our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings. This information includes the School Official's name, email address, and phone number, as well as the School’s name, address, billing address, number of devices, number of students, and network configuration. If the School Official creates an account for Elevation Education Solutions' AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings, the School Official must also create a AXIOM Dashboard® password.
  • Authorized School Personnel: Following a School Official’s establishment of a School account with AXIOM Dashboard®, the School Official can use AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings to add additional School personnel such as other School Officials and teachers (together, "Authorized School Personnel") from their School and designate their appropriate permission levels in AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings.
  • Additional Information About Authorized School Personnel: Depending on the AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and features selected by a School, EES can collect additional information about Authorized School Personnel, including chat messages between students and teachers using AXIOM Dashboard® Teacher, AXIOM Dashboard®-generated unique account identifiers, and other relevant unique identifiers (e.g., Google Classroom identifiers if School integrates Google Classroom with AXIOM Dashboard® Teacher). This information may change if a School and/or Authorized School Personnel utilize new features and/or AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings.

Personal Student Information

In providing our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings to Schools, we collect information that may, alone or in combination with other available information, be reasonably used to identify a current or former student enrolled in a K-12 School (“Personal Student Information”).

EES only collects Personal Student Information on school-managed devices and/or accounts where a School has already registered with AXIOM Dashboard® and chosen to use AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings. Schools in the United States must also provide appropriate consent and/or obtain consent to the extent required by applicable law, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and state student privacy laws, unless a relevant legal exception applies.

The Personal Student Information collected by our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings on behalf of a School depends on the particular AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and features selected by a School and the particular settings enabled or disabled by the School. Pursuant to such selection, the Personal Student Information that we collect includes:

  • Student’s School-Managed Account Information: AXIOM Dashboard’s Offerings collect a student’s School-managed account information: student’s name, email address, Google Profile ID, Google Image URL, and organizational unit as well as device identifiers necessary to associate a student with a certain device and settings. Additionally, AXIOM Dashboard® may also need to associate a student with a particular teacher’s classroom by using a Google classroom identifier or other identifier.
  • Activity Information: Depending on a School’s currently selected AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings, features, integrations and settings, AXIOM Dashboard® may collect additional information, about online account or activity, including chats (within AXIOM Dashboard® Teacher), a teacher’s browsing history, IP address, online content, snapshots and key percentage variance (but not the actual inputs or sequence of inputs) to identify patterns like gaming.
  • Grade and Attendance Information: Depending on a School’s currently selected AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings, features, integrations, and settings, AXIOM Dashboard® may receive grade and attendance information.
  • Location Information: Using AXIOM Dashboard® Admin, a School can collect the geographic location of devices for the purpose of locating and recovering its devices. AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings can collect IP addresses while AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings are active, no precise geographic login locations of mobile phones can be accessed or stored by AXIOM Dashboard®.

The Personal Student Information collected may change if a School utilizes new features and AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings.

Parent/Guardian Information

If a School chooses to utilize AXIOM Dashboard’s messaging feature (such as to enable a School to send important automated notifications to a parent/guardian about his/her child), EES may receive certain information about a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). Specifically, EES may receive a parent’s/guardian’s name, email address, and optionally phone number from the School. To learn whether your child’s School is using this messaging feature or how to update a child’s legal parent/guardian contact information, please contact your child’s School and follow the instructions below in the section below titled “Requests from Parents, Legal Guardians, Eligible Students, and Authorized School Personnel”.

Information We Automatically Collect through Our Offerings

Our Offerings automatically collect the following additional information that we label collectively as “School Log and Cookie Information”:

  • Analytics Information and Event Information: Our Offerings automatically collect information through analytics services providers, including IP address, Internet service provider (ISP), date and time stamp, browser language, browser type, amount of time spent on particular portions of our Offerings, and/or other general usage data. Similar to other software, we also collect event information regarding how users interact with our Offerings. For example, we collect information about how much time users spend on certain features of our Offerings.
  • Log Information: We also collect log information such as service diagnostics and technical logging information, which may include IP address, login times to our Offerings, usage times of our Offerings, browser type, and browser configuration.
  • Device Information: We collect information about the devices that log into our Offerings, including type of device, device settings, and operating system.
  • Cookies: We use Cookies in our Offerings for the purposes described in our Cookies Notice.

How We Use Information Collected Through Our Offerings

We use School Information and Other School Information to:

  • set up and provide our Offerings;
  • analyze and improve our Offerings;
  • respond to a School’s and/or Authorized School Personnel’s requests and to provide related support;
  • administer and troubleshoot our Offerings;
  • send information to a School and Authorized School Personnel about how to use our Offerings and other important updates;
  • notify a School and Authorized School Officials about new features or Offerings that may be of interest to them, and, similarly notify other Authorized School Personnel of new features or Products that may be of interest to them when residents of the United States or otherwise as permitted by law;
  • help prevent fraud and to enforce the legal terms that govern our Offerings;
  • to comply with applicable law and protect our and others’ rights, safety and property; and
  • follow further instructions of a School.

In accordance with our contractual obligations, we use Personal Student Information and Parent/Guardian Information to:

  • Provide, improve and analyze our Offerings and for legitimate educational purposes of the School;
  • enforce the legal terms that govern our Offerings;
  • comply with applicable law and protect our and others’ rights, safety and property; and
  • follow further instructions of a School.

At all times, Personal Student Information is the property of and under the control of a School, or as required by applicable law, Personal Student Information is the property of and under the control of the applicable eligible student, parent, or guardian.

We do not sell Personal Student Information. We do not use Personal Student Information to target advertisements or market to students or anyone else, to amass a profile about a K-12 educational student for a non-educational purpose, or for any purposes prohibited by the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99.3) ("FERPA"), California Business & Professions Code section 22584 (“SOPIPA”), and California Education Code section 49073.1. We will not use Personal Student Information for any purpose other than those required or specifically set forth in this Product Privacy Policy, our EULA, or any other agreement between a School and Elevation Education Solutions, LLC.

We will also use your Personal Student Information in accordance with applicable student privacy laws, including, as applicable, Connecticut's "Act Concerning Student Privacy".

If you are a Product User in the EEA, please see the “Notice to EEA and Other Non-US Residents” section for more information about how we use information and the legal bases for collecting information.

How We Share Information Collected Through Our Offerings

We may share or disclose information in the following ways:

  • Authorized School Personnel Access: Each School determines which Authorized School Personnel have access to the School’s account with AXIOM Dashboard’s Offerings and their permission levels.
  • Third Parties Supporting Our Offerings: We only share information with third parties who have privacy practices in line with our own, that assist us in performing business-related functions that support our Offerings. For example, we use hosting services and customer service tools to help support our offerings. When we employ another company to perform a function of this nature, we provide them with the information that they need to perform their specific function.
  • With School Permission or at School Direction: We may share or disclose information, including Personal Student Information, to third parties pursuant to a School’s instruction or with a School’s permission. For example, if a School chooses to integrate AXIOM Dashboard’s Offerings with another third party company’s products or services, then we will share information as instructed. With your permission, we may also share or disclose your name and other content through a testimonial video or quotation.
  • Protection of AXIOM Dashboard® and Others: We may share or disclose certain information if we believe in good faith that doing so is necessary or appropriate to (i) protect or defend the rights, safety, or property of EES or third parties, including to defend or enforce our Product Privacy Policy, EULA, or any other contractual arrangement; or (ii) to respond to claims that content violates the rights of third parties.
  • Legal Requirements: We may share or disclose certain information if we believe in good faith that doing so is necessary or appropriate to comply with any law enforcement, legal, or regulatory process, such as to respond to a warrant, subpoena, court order, or other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Business Transfer: We may share or disclose certain information, in connection with or during negotiations of any merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company. If such transfer is subject to additional mandatory restrictions under applicable laws, EES will comply with such restrictions. The successor entity will be bound by our privacy policy, or users will have a choice of whether or not to send data to the new entity. New entity will also be subject to all applicable federal and state laws, including student privacy laws. In connection with such a transaction, we will also work to ensure that the successor entity has a commitment to student privacy.
  • De-Identified Information: We may use, share, or disclose De-Identified information (as that term is defined in our EULA) for various purposes such as product development, research, and marketing, in compliance with relevant laws. For example, we may use aggregate, anonymous data to publish an e-Book on Schools’ most utilized online educational resources.


How Long We Keep Information

We retain Personal Student Information as directed by the School:

  • School’s Request for Deletion or Transfer of Personal Student Information: Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. acts upon a School’s documented instructions to delete Personal Student Information during and after all School licenses to AXIOM Dashboard® have expired, unless we are required to retain such information to comply with our legal obligations with law enforcement, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements. Upon instruction to delete Personal Student Information, Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. will take reasonable efforts to delete and/or de-identify such information in a commercially reasonable amount of time under applicable laws. At the termination of all of the School’s licenses with Elevation Education Solutions, LLC., Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. and the School may agree to transfer the School’s Personal Student Information back to the School. In that case, similar to deletion requests, Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. will act upon a School’s documented instruction to transfer the School’s Personal Student Information to the School and take reasonable efforts to transfer such information in a commercially reasonable amount of time under applicable laws, unless we are required to retain such information to comply with our legal obligations, or with law enforcement, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements. 
  • Deactivated Accounts: We may consider a School’s account to be terminated 365 days after all of a School’s AXIOM Dashboard® licenses expire without use, reactivation, or renewal by the School. At that time, if a School has not requested deletion of Personal Student Information, we will automatically de-identify and/or delete the School’s Personal Student Information within a commercially reasonable period of time as long as that information is not necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements. All Personal Student Information retained will remain subject to our Product Privacy Policy that was in effect at that time — even after the deactivation of an account or termination of a contract.

We generally retain information other than Personal Student Information for as long as it may be relevant to the purposes above or as required or permitted by law. To dispose of any personal information, we may anonymize it, delete it or take other appropriate de-identifying steps. Please note that information may persist in copies made for backup and business continuity purposes for an additional period of time.

Your Choices about Information Collected through Our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings

You have certain rights and choices with respect to your information as further described in this section.

Your choices about School Profile Information and Other Information:

  • Promotional Communications: You can decline promotional communications at the point information is requested for such purpose (e.g., by checking the relevant box) or, by following the unsubscribe instructions on communications sent to you. 
  • Cookies and Analytics. You can opt out from certain cookie-related and analytics processing by following the instructions in our Cookie Notice below.
  • California Rights: Under California law, California residents may annually request a list of the third parties to which a company discloses personal information for such third parties’ marketing purposes and the types of information disclosed. However, we do not disclose personal information to third parties for such third parties’ direct marketing purposes.
  • Your Legal Rights Under Local Law: Local laws (e.g., laws of the European Union) may permit an individual to request that we: (1) provide access to and/or a copy of certain information that we hold about that individual; (2) prevent the processing of that individual’s information for direct-marketing purposes (including any direct marketing processing based on profiling); (3) update an individual’s information which is out of date or incorrect; (4) delete certain information that we are holding about an individual; (5) restrict the way that we process and disclose certain of the individual’s information; (6) transfer an individual’s information to a third party provider of services; and/or (7) revoke an individual’s consent for the processing of his/her information. If your local laws provide additional rights, we will consider all requests and provide our response within the time period stated by applicable law. Please note, however, that certain information may be exempt from such requests in some circumstances, which may include if we need to continue processing an individual’s information for our legitimate interests or to comply with a legal obligation. We may request that an individual and/or School provide us with information necessary to confirm the individual’s identity before responding to your request. To exercise any of these rights, please contact us as described further in the “How to Contact Us” section below. In addition to those rights, an individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. However, we encourage the individual to contact us first, and we will do our very best to resolve the individual’s concern.

Your choices about School Information (Except School Profile Information), Personal Student Information, and Parent/Guardian Information:

  • Cooperation with Schools.We will assist the School in facilitating requests relating to Authorized School Personnel Information and Personal Student Information pursuant to the School’s instruction as explained further in the “How Long We Keep Information Collected Through AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings" or in the “Your Legal Rights Under Local Law” sections above.
  • Requests from Parents, Legal Guardians, Eligible Students, and Authorized School Personnel:
    • Review, Correction, and Deletion Requests. If a parent, legal guardian, eligible student, or Authorized School Personnel wishes to request a review, correction, deletion of Personal Student Information or School Information, he/she should contact the appropriate School Official of his/her or his/her child’s School. Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. will cooperate with the School to fulfill requests pursuant to the School’s verification and instruction within a commercially reasonable amount of time and in compliance with relevant law. If you are Authorized School Personnel, please note that we may be required to maintain certain School Information if directed to do so by your School Official on behalf of your School employer or as needed by Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. to enforce our legal rights.
    • Transfer Requests. AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings allow Authorized School Personnel to download information on behalf of a parent, legal guardian, eligible student, or School Personnel. If AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings do not cover the scope of the transfer request, AXIOM Dashboard® will, following documented instructions from the School, honor the requests from the parent, legal guardian, eligible student, or Authorized School Personnel for the transfer of Personal Student Information or personal data of the Authorized School Personnel by utilizing the same guidelines as described above in “Review, Correction, and Deletion Requests” in compliance with and as required by relevant law.
    • Transfer Requests for Student-Generated Content. California law requires website operators to transfer student-generated content to the student’s personal account when requested by an eligible student, parent, or guardian. AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings are not used as the primary platform for students to submit their own content. To the extent that students in California, or in other states with similar transfer laws, submit their content on AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings, the appropriate parent, guardian, or eligible student may submit a request to to transfer this information to him/her. Following verification of the requestor’s authorization to receive the information (which may require verification by the requestor’s School), we will provide the student-generated content that we have in a commercially reasonable amount of time in either a CSV or other mutually-agreeable format. Please note that we cannot guarantee retention of student-generated content.

How We Protect Your Information

Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. takes the security and privacy of your School’s data very seriously. For these reasons, Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. has implemented various technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect your information, including specific training of our personnel authorized to access Personal Student Information and other information. Some of these security measures include but are not limited to, employee background checks, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) AES-256 encryption, encryption at rest, firewalls, full implementation and validation of ISO 27001 standard, our platform encrypts credentials stored within solutions so the credentials are protected. AXIOM Dashboard  generates digitally signed data and RSA keys to verify signed data.

Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. is committed to preventing unauthorized access to our systems and data, and will investigate any possible occurrence. In the event of a breach of Personal Student Information, Elevation Education Solutions, LLC. will comply with all relevant breach laws to assist the School or provide notification as required to you, a School, affected parents, legal guardians, eligible students, and regulators.

Cookies Notice

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that allow us to understand usage of AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings. Cookies include cookies, Internet server logs, tags, Software Development Kit/SDKs, tracking pixels, and other similar tracking technologies. A number of Cookies that we use last only for the duration of your session, expiring when your session ends (the so-called "session cookies"). Other Cookies are used to help our systems recognize you if you return to AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and will thus retained longer (the so-called "persistent cookies"). Some of the cookies used on our AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings are set by us, and some are set by third parties that are delivering services on our behalf.

What types of Cookies does AXIOM Dashboard® use and what data do they collect?

We use Cookies in AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings that automatically collect information to:

  • understand usage of AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and to improve these AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings;
  • authenticate your account; and
  • remember your settings and account information.

We do not use any advertising Cookies in our Offerings and we do not place advertisements in AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings.

What are my choices about Cookies?

You can learn more about how Cookies work and how to turn them off in your particular browsers. Please remember that if you replace, change or upgrade your browser, or delete your Cookies, you may need to use these opt-out tools again.

For information about Cookies used by the developers of these browsers, please visit:

For controls specific to advertising and analytics services offered by Google, click here from each of your browsers.

Note About Do Not Track: Do Not Track (“DNT”): is a privacy preference that users can set in certain web browsers to inform websites and services that they do not want certain information about their webpage visits collected over time and across websites or online services. Some browsers do not recognize DNT settings. At this time, we do not recognize or respond to browser-initiated DNT signals because we do not track you across websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Product Privacy Policy such as to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and use practices, and the features of AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings. At the top of our Product Privacy Policy, we will indicate the date of the most recent update to this Product Privacy Policy. We will notify your School of material changes to the Product Privacy Policy on our Website, and make additional efforts to notify your School of material changes that impact the treatment of data collected via AXIOM Dashboard® Offerings and/or via email. We will also obtain your School’s consent before any material changes to our Product Privacy Policy apply to your School.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns, the best way to reach us is by emailing You can also reach us by calling 714-470-8766 or by writing to Elevation Education Solutions, LLC, Attn: Chief Privacy Officer, 3406 E Alderly Ln, Orange CA 92867.

Additionally, please feel free to consult additional resources such as the ones listed below.

Student Privacy Resource List: