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AXIOM Dashboard®

Administration can easily see the overall state of important school data markers. This includes minors, majors, ODRs, grades, passes, accommodations reviewed, instructional practices used, etc.


Administrators can see the grade distribution by school, grade, subject or teacher. Administrators can see when grades have been updated and how recently. Supports communication and documentation for communicating with teachers to provide feedback to students.


Administrators can quickly see what accommodations have been provided to teachers by case managers and which teachers have reviewed them. Allows for easy communication to support teachers that have not reviewed accommodations.


Administrators can easily see what students need teacher and counselor interventions. Easily see who has provided intervention and who is pending. Allows for easy communication to support teachers that have not provided interventions.

Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

All ODRs are submitted by teachers online and includes supporting documentation of prior attempted teacher interventions. ODRs are tracked to support Coordination Of Services Team (COST) analysis or Student Success Team (SST) development of Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP).

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)

Administrators can see the ratio of positive to negative communications to compare to the 4:1 ratio recommended by PBIS.

Technology Integration

Full, granular, two way integration with School SIS - such as Aeries. No need to double enter data in two systems.

Professional Development

Supports the implementation of change process, by allowing administrators to gather process data, perception data, and student academic outcome data. Administrators can quickly gather aggregate data from classroom walkthroughs to evaluate the fidelity of implementation of teacher professional development efforts.